Godflesh Premiere New Song “Post Self”

October 31, 2017 Vince Bellino

Godflesh premiere the title track to their new album, Post Self.

For Those About to Squawk: Iron Monkey, Cursed Moon, Thy Serpent’s Cult

October 13, 2017 Blake Harrison

Our resident birdbrains pecks on new titles from Iron Monkey, Cursed Moon and Thy Serpent’s Cult.

5 Great Live Roadburn Albums

June 30, 2017 Vince Bellino

ConvergeGodfleshNeurosis and more have immortalized their Roadburn performances as live albums.

Track Premiere: Anima Nostra – ‘Composition For The Shadow Self’

June 5, 2017 Vince Bellino

Anima Nostra conjure brooding, suffocating industrial doom on “Composition For The Shadow Self.”

Track Premiere: Drug Honkey – ‘Pool Of Failure (Justin Broadrick Remix)’

April 26, 2017 Vince Bellino

Drug Honkey delve even further into experimental and industrial metal with a Justin Broadrick remix of “Pool of Lies.”

Video Premiere: Sollertia – ‘Praying at the Chapel Perilous’

March 13, 2017 Vince Bellino

“Praying at the Chapel Perilous” is the promising debut song and video from dark metal band Sollertia (In The Woods, ex-Ad Inferna). 

Death in the Machine: Miserist full album stream

February 8, 2017 Dutch Pearce

Australian experimental death/industrial amalgamation Miserist is primed to unleash calculated and cold destruction with their self-titled debut.

Satan’s Little Helpers: An Oral History of The Electric Hellfire Club

October 31, 2016 Justin Norton

Happy Halloween! Get in the spirit with an exhaustive Decibel oral history of The Electric Hellfire Club, the innovative 90s band that blended metal, industrial music, and Satanism. Burn, baby, burn!  

Justify Your Shitty Taste: Ministry’s With Sympathy

July 24, 2015 Justin Norton

While derided by Al Jourgensen and some fans With Sympathy contains some of Al’s most iconic songs and tips the hat to what followed in his still evolving career.

Author & Punisher

July 7, 2015 Andrew Bonazelli

Melk En Honing
Drinking and driven
dB Rating: 8/10

Fear Factory – “Demanufacture”

May 28, 2015 Nick Green

Even the title of the album suggests an act of grand defiance. Demanufacture. Breaking everything down to the component level, stripping away the inessential elements, salvaging the best parts for recycling and reuse.

Pardon, Please: The Deciblog Interview With Lord Worm

August 25, 2014 Justin Norton

Dan Greening — alias Lord Worm — is one of the few true mavericks in death metal. Worm is best known for his work with Cryptopsy; Decibel Hall Of Fame inductee None So Vile and potential inductee Blasphemy Made Flesh are genre classics. Worm’s work with Cryptopsy is inimitable; his lyrics are crazed poetry as…

Ode From A Backstabber

January 7, 2014 Shawn Macomber

Following up a Kamikaze Mission is a no small challenge, but M.I.A., the decade-in-the-making barn burner of a comeback record from reconfigured/reborn Backstabbers Inc, proves a gloriously triumphant gut-check collection of anthemic dark hardcore — not to mention a helluva way to kick off the new year! Decibel is proud to present an exclusive stream…

“Something wicked this way comes…” Black Sun Drum Korps bring industrial doom to Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”

July 16, 2012 Jonathan Horsley

On 21 September, Scotland’s most enthusiastical audio bloodletters Black Sun will reimagine Shakespeare’s most brutal play as a theatrical work of avant-garde metal. The Glaswegian industrial/doom trio, operating under their extra-war-and-extra-percussion Black Sun Drums Korps handle, will take the Bard’s text, cut it up and adapt it to their own aesthetic. Given how carnal, martial…

Justin Broadrick previews “Punchdrunk” from forthcoming JK Flesh album

April 9, 2012 Jonathan Horsley

In what should be received as manna from heaven to all those waiting for new Godflesh material, Justin K. Broadrick has released another promo edit from the forthcoming JK Flesh LP, Posthuman. Released through UK label 3by3 on 30 April, Posthuman sees Broadrick resurrect his Techno Animal nom de guerre for another harsh excursion into…

Exclusive Author & Punisher Song Premiere

March 13, 2012 Adem Tepedelen

There’s no denying the intense visual impact of seeing Author & Punisher (ne Tristan Shone) perform using machines and speakers he has crafted himself. We’ll admit to being utterly mesmerized by it. Thus we are stoked to be exclusively premiering a brand new track—the opener “Terrorbird”—from Author & Punisher’s upcoming album Ursus Americanus on Seventh…

Metal Machine Music

December 20, 2011 Adem Tepedelen

Don’t worry, this post has nothing to do with Lou Reed or his 1975 two-LP celebration of noise as “music.” Although, given the choice of listening to that album or LuLu, we’d take the former in a heartbeat. But we digress. We’re actually here to distract you from the ridiculousness of the season with a…

NOW STREAMING: GNAW THEIR TONGUES Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus

October 21, 2011 Jonathan Horsley

While it’s unhealthy to try drill into a rich seam of depression and self-loathing, mine it and milk it then wallow in it, sometimes those sort of dark moods are just unavoidable. For nigh-on six years, Gnaw Their Tongues, a solo project of Dutch polymath Mories, has deconstructed black metal, adding avant-industrial elements and haunting…