Premiere: Trace Amount – “Obsessive Diagnosis” b/w “A Product of Metaphysical Existence”

Back in March, at the onset of the pandemic and its ensuing worldwide lockdown, we premiered the eerily prophetic video from Brooklyn-based harsh noise/industrial producer Trace Amount. Now Brandon Gallagher, the man behind the harsh noise wall, has forged two more tracks of inescapable, crushing bliss. 

“Obsessive Diagnosis,” with its subliminal bass, its paranoiac foghorn howls, the defiant-even-under-torture vocals, hits like Deathgrips being chewed up by the Author Punisher machine if it were possessed by the spirit of Skinny Puppy’s VIVIsectVI. The b-side turns up the paranoia while the bass hits work your body. Altogether Trace Amount’s new material makes for an addictive experience heavy enough to knock over even the most desensitized listener.


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