For Those About to Squawk: Author & Punisher, Deadbird, Mutilated by Zombies

What’s up, beak freaks! Your old boy Waldo comin’ atcha with all the new reviews that are fit to print. As always, just remember that I’m a parrot and you are not! In October, we’re getting new Internal Bleeding and Brainoil, so that’s a great thing!

Author & Punisher releases his 6th album Beastland on Relapse Records. For those of you not in the know, A&P is a one man doom/drone/experimental/industrial act that makes his own machines to actually perform this stuff live and is one of the more interesting bands out there right now. So about this, huh? Industrial psych noise gives way to keyboard parts, some clean/distorted singing and the most NASTY industrial grooves this side of Godflesh. Watching this live is an absolute must as you’ve never seen anything like it, but on Beastland, mastermind Tristan Shone has something here that he’s never accomplished. There are dynamics and grooves, parts seem to naturally come out of nowhere and smack you in the face; this is not for the weak of heart. Is it heavy? You’d bet your feathered ass it is. 9 Fucking Pecks.

I feel like I have to review a band called Deadbird right?! This pretty (kinda) doom metal band is Arkansas-based and are releasing III The Forest Within The Tree on 20 Buck Spin and it’s a cage burner. This is fuzzed-out, melodic, epic doom. I mean there’s no other way to describe it here. Massive soundscapes that are interspersed with beauty, melody and sludgy-ass brutality. There’s no other band out there that’s doing quite this. There’s an eerie quality in here that really just makes this stand out from all of the other doom bands at the moment. Peck this out! 8 Fucking Pecks

Mutilated By Zombies is, uhhh, a death metal band (duh) and are releasing Scripts Of Anguish. First of all, let me say that there has been a recent rash of OSDM in the scene and this is definitely not that… Not that this isn’t death metal; it is. I’m not sure you can get more death metal than this. More in the “modern” death vein here, Mutilated By Zombies, carves out their own niche among bands like Dying Fetus, Deeds Of Flesh and Cryptopsy. This is pretty pummeling and soaked in gore worship and my one complaint would be that the overall production comes across as a little flat. Angular riffs, growled vocals that give way to screams keep the songwriting fresh, though, and lend to the whole thing coming across as one complete package. Peep it! 7 Fucking Pecks.

Until next time… Waldo out!