Video Premiere: Trace Amount – “Fake Figures in the Sacred Scriptures”

Trace Amount is an industrial and harsh noise producer from Brooklyn. The video we’re premiering today is for the title track from their debut release, last year’s Fake Figures in the Sacred Scriptures.

photo by Angela Owens.

A lone figure in black wearing a blonde wig and a gas mask stalks the empty city streets at night. Hazardous bass pulses, throbbing percussion, undulating harsh noise waves crash against you as you watch this solitary person stroll down vacant alleyways, stare directly into the camera through a broken window. As the ‘music’ of Trace Amount pushes you over the edge, the prophetic and apocalyptic visuals of the video for “Fake Figures in the Sacred Scriptures” will be what truly break you. 


Fake Figures in the Sacred Scriptures is the first release I’ve done with Trace Amount,” says Brandon Gallagher, the man behind Trace Amount. “I took a wide array of influences from Godflesh, Nitzer Ebb, Daughters, but also dove deeper into the harsh electronic world with Deli Girls and HIDE.


“The songs are heavily structured on carefully arranged noise loops and textures paired with harsh vocals,” he continues. “Trace Amount represents a lot of my hardcore and punk background even though there is no guitar or drums on the recording or live. The music feels limitless in both the songwriting and live performance aspect . . . The video is a visual representation of the mood created with the music. Eerie and abandoned, but also a level of gentleness, juxtaposed with apocalyptic imagery. The video was shot by Matt Bastos, with editing and color by me.”

“Fake Figures in the Sacred Scriptures”


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