Track Premiere: 0N0 – ‘Hidden in the Trees’

Industrial death/doom trio 0N0 have a penchant for taking mechanical hellscapes inspired by Godflesh and their ilk and marrying them with oppressive death/doom metal. Their last album, Reconstruction and Synthesis, fully embraced that mechanical sound. With new EP Cloaked Climax Concealed (try saying that five times fast!), 0N0 incorporate a more atmospheric, less mechanical sound. The latter of two songs, “Hidden in the Trees,” which you can stream below, still bears its industrial influence but slooooow riffs and brighter melodies are the body of the song.

Overall, “Hidden in the Trees” has a very dreamy vibe, like it was the result of a drug-fueled vision or perhaps a night terror. Hear it for yourself below and listen to “The Crown Unknown” on Transcending Obscurity’s BandcampCloaked Climax Concealed is officially released on March 3.