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Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: LOS ANGELES Announced, First Wave of Bands Revealed

June 25, 2018

Headliners include thrash legends Testament, who will play a special set of both their classic “The New Order” and “The Gathering” records in full, along with the Tom Gabriel Fischer-led Triptykon performing a special all-Celtic Frost set.

GWAR: Extended Interview with Mike Bishop, the Man Behind the Blothar

October 10, 2017

Mike Bishop sheds Blothar’s antlers and abdominal adornments to speak frankly with us about GWAR after Brockie.

Cannibal Corpse – “The Bleeding”

March 28, 2017

By 1993, Cannibal Corpse was an interesting conundrum: When you have hammer-smashed every boundary of decency and good taste on your third album, where exactly do you go?

Amon Amarth Catches Up With Anchors to Asphalt To Talk Touring, Stage Show

December 22, 2016

The gods are pleased — Amon Amarth has completed an extensive European tour in support of their record Jomsviking. Check out this documentary through “Anchors to Asphalt” to learn about extensive touring, their live show and sacrifices for the gods. 

Glorification of Sinister Metal: Q&A with Ravencult

November 30, 2016

The Athenian quartet Ravencult‘s third LP cleans and polishes its blackened death thrash without blunting its serrated decimation. Axe demon Stefanos Fakatselis fielded our email.

Anaal Nathrakh

October 31, 2016

The Whole of the Law
Total fucking destruction
dB rating: 8/10

Pinball Wizards, A Q&A With Redemption’s Nick van Dyk

August 8, 2016

2016 is the year progressive metal emerged from its long-standing shadow. The genre, long associated with haughtiness and a self-serving nature (music for musicians), is far more advanced now. So too are its audience and exposure points. This brings us to progressive metal stalwarts Redemption, a band that’s enthralled smart-minded music fans since its eponymous debut hit shelves (actual store shelves) in 2003.

Hammers of Misfortune

July 25, 2016

Dead Revolution
Full of life
dB rating: 9/10

Arboreal Discussion: A Q&A With If These Trees Could Talk’s Mike Socrates

July 18, 2016

Ohio post-metal/rock outfit If These Trees Could Talk are the latest sensation on Metal Blade. A label normally known for its heavy metal, death metal is experiencing a growth spurt into other genres–not unlike its ventures into rock in the ’90s, with the Ohioans leading the charge. 

Forging Towards (Another) Sunset: Catching Up With Anaal Nathrakh Vocalist Dave Hunt

June 29, 2016

As grind-infused industrial black metal levelers Anaal Nathrakh put the finishing touches on the band’s as-yet-untitled ninth full-length — tentatively slated for an October release via Metal Blade — Decibel caught up with vocalist Dave Hunt for a illuminating chat.

Exclusive Interview: King Diamond vs. Food Poisoning

March 30, 2015

Last October saw King Diamond’s glorious return to the lighted stages of North America after nearly a decade away. The shows were unanimously well-received—audiences throughout the land were captivated by the massive stage setup, delightful theatrics and spot-on set list. In fact, our #3 extreme vocalist of all time says everything went about as smoothly…

Streaming: Sorcerer’s “Sumerian Script”

February 26, 2015

There’s going to be a lot of alliteration today, faithful Deciblog readers. Sorcerer formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988 and was active until 1992. But, as we’ve seen many times, good metal bands never die — they just reunite. Sorcerer got back together for a one-off show at the Hammer Of Doom festival in Germany…

Visigoth Steps Out “From the Arcane Mists of Prophecy”

January 19, 2015

We’re a little over a week out from the release of the new Visigoth record, The Revenant King, but we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the epic closer for you today…Enjoy! Check out another album cut over at…NPR.

VIDEO PREMIERE: King of Asgard “The Runes Of Hel”

July 17, 2014

Happy Thursday. For your viewing pleasure at the Deciblog today we have an exlusive premiere of the video of King of Asgard’s “The Runes of Hel.” The track is from their forthcoming album Karg, due from Metal Blade on July 22. Watch the video below and then learn more and preorder the album here.

STREAMING: Entrails — “Voices”

June 18, 2014

For your streaming pleasure today we have a new/old track from Swedish death metal legends Entrails. “Voices” is from the upcoming Resurrected From The Grave demo collection, an 18-track compilation featuring Reborn and Human Decay. The material was never released and is finally coming out many years later. The album is due next week; preorder…

DVD Review and Exclusive Excerpt: Fool ‘Em All

June 16, 2014

When they released the DVD Majesty five years ago The Black Dahlia Murder proved that not only did they understand their fans, they understood how to make a watchable documentary. On their second DVD Fool ‘Em All our tour co-headliners take it another step. Not only do they make you laugh, they make you care…

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Demonical “King Of All”

October 28, 2013

Dearest death-heads, please affix your finest gurn of appreciation as we welcome an exclusive stream of “King of All”, a real chunky piece of slo-mo O.S.D.M. chug taken from Demonical’s gnarly forthcoming Metal Blade LP, Darkness Unbound. As you would expect from Demonical, Darkness Unbound is one unsophisticated beast; Demonical, lest we forget, are graduates…

Streaming: Pentagram (Chile) — “The Apparition”

October 23, 2013

We have some streaming goodness available for the Deciblog faithful today. Please check out the new tune “The Apparition” from Pentagram (Chile) below. Frontman Anton Reisenegger said the following about the track: “‘The Apparition’ must be one of my favorite tracks on the album because it has this amazing early Slayer vibe. Haunting The Chapel…

Uncle Acid’s Intro to Cinema

April 16, 2013

We’re less than a month out now from the release of Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats’ sublime psychedelic doom n’ roll tour de force Mind Control, and, lord, does the tranquil-yet-oddly-sinister old school VHS clamshell-esque cover artwork suit the album’s messianic death cult lyrical theme and transcendentalist sonic vibe. “The whole album reeks of VHS…

STREAMING: Troubled Horse: “Another Man’s Name”

November 6, 2012

We offer this as more of a geographic reference than a musical one, but if you’re curious about the origins of Troubled Horse, you need look no further than the the same Swedish town, Orebro, that spawned both Graveyard and Witchcraft, who coincidentally have new albums just out or on the way. The Witchcraft connection…