Track Premiere: Decoherence – “Dimensionless Angular Momentum”

Next Friday, the 22nd of November, stateside underground label Sentient Ruin Labarotories will release the debut full length from international industrial black metal trio, Decoherence. In just over six months, Decoherence, comprised of Tahazu of Ordo Malum on vocals, Prior handling noise and electronics and Stroda on “all instruments,” have proven to be prolific and eager in their abyssal black metal onslaught. 

“‘Ekpyrosis’ concerns the Stoic idea of the cyclic universe, formed and reformed through collisions and destruction,” writes the band. “With this in mind, the album explores ideas of creation, the search for ever more intricate mechanisms and implications for reality . . .”

Today we bring an exclusive track premiere of “Dimensionless Angular Momentum,” the ultimate song from Decoherence’s debut full length, Ekpyrosis. A song the band calls “a violent inward spiral.” They warn of a “chaotic inability to escape . . .”

“Dimensionless Angular Momentum”


Get Ekpyrosis November 22nd on 12” vinyl and cassette from Sentient Ruin.