Emily Bellino

Track Premiere: Harvestman – ‘Galvanized and Torn Open’

July 11, 2024

Legendary musician Steve Von Till digs deep into ambience and psychedelia on the latest Harvestman offering.

Track Premiere: One With the Riverbed – ‘Dominion’

July 9, 2024

Get into a new tune from Kalamazoo post-black metal outfit One With the Riverbed.

Track Premiere: Manic Abraxas – ‘Skinformation’

July 8, 2024

Dive into a sludgy sci-fi world with Manic Abraxas with the title track of their their fourth LP.

Full Album Stream: Blind Girls – “An Exit Exists”

July 2, 2024

Australian screamo crew Blind Girls stream their heaviest record to date.

Track Premiere: Mourners Lament – ‘Ocaso’

July 1, 2024

Mourners Lament offer a fresh take on Peaceville-style death/doom.

Track Premiere: Generation of Vipers – ‘Lux Inversion’

June 25, 2024

Generation of Vipers are back with their first new music in a decade. Dig in to first single “Lux Inversion” now.

Interview: X-Cops Talk New EP “XCAB” and Living Above the Law

June 24, 2024

Cop rockers X-Cops discuss new EP XCAB, the presidential election and their uncanny similarities to GWAR.

Full Album Stream: Gorgatron – “Sentience Revoked”

June 20, 2024

Dive into Gorgatron‘s brand of brutal death metal on their fourth album.

Track Premiere: Amarok – ‘Legacy (XIII)’

June 11, 2024

Listen to the closing track from funeral doom crew Amarok‘s latest album, Resilience.

Full EP Stream: Vile Form – “Unending”

June 6, 2024

Listen to Unending, the debut EP from Philly death metal weirdos Vile Form, featuring members of Die Choking.

Track Premiere: Teeth – ‘Prison’

June 4, 2024

Los Angeles dissodeath dealers Teeth explore self-loathing on “Prison,” the first song from upcoming album The Will of Hate.

Interview: RivetSkull Talk World Touring, Trad Metal and Starting as a Dio Tribute Band

June 3, 2024

RivetSkull discuss their origin as a Ronnie James Dio tribute band, the state of the trad metal scene and their new album, Absence of Time.

Full Album Stream: Moral Putrefaction – “Moral Putrefaction”

May 21, 2024

Indian death dealers Moral Putrefaction reveal their debut album after nearly a decade of existence.

Track Premiere: L.M.I. – ‘Dead Channel Thirst’

May 16, 2024

Philly-area punks L.M.I. get noisy and heavy on “Dead Channel Thirst.”