Best New Noise

Review: Daeva – “Pulsing Dark Absorptions”

November 14, 2017 Dutch Pearce

Sodom in the U.S.A. Label: 20 Buck Spin Daeva is most definitely a Steve Jansson affair. If you’re reading this magazine then you know who Jansson is even if you don’t realize you do. Jansson’s a Philly ’head, plays guitar in Crypt Sermon, screams and shreds in Trenchrot, Infiltrator, as well as killer grinders Unrest….


October 31, 2017 Shawn Macomber

Wormwood are our best new noise.

Spirit Adrift

October 24, 2017 Sean Frasier

Spirit Adrift are our Best New Noise.


October 13, 2017 Dutch Pearce

Owlcrusher are Decibel‘s Best New Noise.


October 4, 2017 Chris Dick

Enslaved are this week’s best new noise.

Grave Pleasures

September 27, 2017 Louise Brown

Grave Pleasures are this week’s Best New Noise.

Wolves in the Throne Room

September 18, 2017 Vince Bellino

USBM heavyweights Wolves in the Throne Room are this week’s Best New Noise.

With the Dead

September 12, 2017 Matt Solis

British doom practitioners With the Dead are this week’s Best New Noise.


August 16, 2017 Dutch Pearce

Death-doom mainstays Incantation are this week’s Best New Noise.

The Vision Bleak

July 7, 2016 Decibel Magazine

The Unknown
The assessment favorable
dB rating: 8/10

Grave Miasma

May 9, 2016 Chris Dick

Endless Pilgrimage
A time to kill, a time to heal.
dB Rating: 8/10


May 4, 2016 Jesse Chase

Grief Relic
Be like Mike
dB Rating: 8/10

Graves at Sea

April 18, 2016 Jesse Chase

The Curse That Is
Turn of the Tide
dB Rating: 8/10


April 11, 2016 Chris Dick

Scent of the Buried
Beautiful friction
dB Rating: 8/10

Graf Orlock

March 28, 2016 Jesse Chase

Crime Traveler
Whoa, whoa, whoa—you on the list, fuckface?
dB Rating: 9/10


March 21, 2016 Jesse Chase

Shedders and shredders
dB Rating: 9/10

Dream Death

March 14, 2016 Dutch Pearce

Still crazy good after all these years
dB Rating: 8/10


March 7, 2016 Justin Norton

Distance | Collapsed
Out of the shadows
dB Rating: 9/10

Deströyer 666

February 29, 2016 Matt Solis

Burninating the countryside
dB Rating: 8/10

Oranssi Pazuzu

February 22, 2016 Matt Solis

Trance With the Devil
dB Rating: 9/10


February 16, 2016 Jesse Chase

Ride Forth
Not too young to drink and to shred
dB Rating: 9/10


February 8, 2016 Jesse Chase

Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die!
Long live “Decibel rebels”
dB Rating: 8/10


February 1, 2016 Justin Norton

Still a bad machine
dB Rating: 8/10

Venomous Concept

January 26, 2016 Shawn Macomber

Kick Me Silly – VC III
Bigger Bang
dB Rating: 8/10


January 19, 2016 Matt Solis

Still no Vinnie Vincent guest solo
dB Rating: 8/10

Taphos Nomos

December 30, 2015 Jesse Chase

West of Everything Lies Death
Not exactly lacking direction
dB Rating: 8/10


December 21, 2015 Etan Rosenbloom

Only death is real
dB Rating: 8/10


December 16, 2015 Andrew Bonazelli

Purple Reign
dB Rating: 9/10


December 7, 2015 Adrien Begrand

International Blackjazz Society
Blackjazz hands!
dB Rating: 8/10