Track Premiere: Bangladeafy – ‘Lifeforms’

When Decibel last checked in with Bangladeafy, the NYC duo were cranking out instrumental, bass-heavy tech metal in album form via Ribboncutter. That’s all changed for Housefly, Bangladeafy’s follow up. Gone are the bass-driven metal songs in favor of acoustic drums, synthesizers and sample pads.

Check out “Lifeforms,” a new track from Housefly that filters the band’s ear for riffy, off-the-wall compositions through Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails and Devo. It has both a a cinematic and tribal feeling despite its electronic trappings; it’s a complete 180 in terms of style, but the similarities in the writing are present.

“Musically, this song was an experiment in chromatic movements,” offers vocalist, bassist and keyboardist Jon Ehlers. “I was trying to compose a Shepard tone type thing but ended up with something different.

“Lyrically, this song addresses the notion about our existence being a phenomenon in our immediate universe,” he continues. “Yet, we’re dismantling our own natural existence despite being provided the tools to be fantastic life forms. We have more control over our fate than we give ourselves credit for, but we continue on this path of self-destruction. Let it motivate or discourage you.”

Housefly is out September 18 on Nefarious Industries. Digital and physical orders are available.

Caption: Jayden Spano