Video Premiere: Vosh – “Perfection”

Do you crave the gothic sounds of ’80s and ’90s post-punk and industrial — and updated with everything we could want in 2024? Do you also wish there could be video that takes it and channels it with the energy and atmosphere of a Gaspar Noe film? Then you need to watch and listen to Vosh‘s video for “Perfection.” The song comes from the band’s stellar album Vessel, which came out last March, and the video allows the band to further expand on the song’s themes. Here is how the band describes the video:

“Perfection is impossible within the confines of our human form. We beg and ache and reach for grace but find ourselves flesh, blood, and mortal. We use some special moments to be released from this captivity. In the end, we cannot break free from ourselves. From the visionary Brandon Pierce and fabulous art director Anastasia Bobrova comes “Perfection,” starring the unmatched skill and poise of Charlotte Sartre and our own Josephine Olivia.”

In a just world, this song would be playing at every club this weekend. Maybe we can do something to make that happen at least somewhere. Check out the video below and listen to the album here. Let’s see what we can manifest from that.