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DEADGUY’s Ultra-Limited ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ Silver Variant LP is Available NOW!

June 29, 2022

The remaining copies of our Silver LP exclusive Metal & Beer Fest edition of Deadguy‘s Buyer’s Remorse are now available, along with an ultra-limited bonus patch offer for the Black LP edition!


Video Premiere: Cyborg Octopus – “Seizure of Character”

June 29, 2022

Check out the latest video from Cyborg Octopus, “Seizure of Character,” in advance of the band’s forthcoming August 26 release, Between the Light and Air.


Venomous Concept Vocalist Kevin Sharp on His Own Mental Health Struggles and Continuing the Fight

May 12, 2022

In the wake of Trevor Strnad’s death, former Brutal Truth frontman Kevin Sharp opens up about about his own recent metal health reckoning and steps that saved him.

Latest Issue

The Food Issue with Municipal Waste

August 2022 [#214]

Includes exclusive limited edition Rotting Christ flexi disc

Featuring: Extreme Chefs, Extreme Restaurants, Extreme Vegans, the Decibel Hall of Fame: The Making of Cattle Decapitations’s The Harvest Floor, Autopsy, Mantar, Candy and more

Track Premiere: Point Break — “I Am”

June 29, 2022

No Keanu, but the latest metallic hardcore jam from Pointbreak hangs a hard ten nonetheless.

Album Premiere: Existence Dysphoria – ‘Minus Negative’

June 29, 2022

London sludge trio Existence Dysphoria unveil their crushing debut album Minus Negative. Out July 1st through Sludgelord Records.

Video Premiere: Child Bite – “Pass the Glue”

June 28, 2022

If you’re passin’ the glue, there’s a good chance Detroit’s Child Bite will sniff it.

Video Premiere: The Boneless Ones –“Good Friends”

June 28, 2022

Watch crossover thrashers The Boneless Ones address the loved ones that suicide leaves behind in this view.

Video Premiere: PoonTickler – “Groin Grinder”

June 28, 2022

PoonTickler‘s “Groin Grinder” video is not save for wherever you may work.

Full Album Premiere: Animalize – ‘Meat We’re Made of’

June 27, 2022

French heavy metallers Animalize lick it up on new album Meat We’re Made Of. Full album stream in chainsaws, spandex and chiffon only at Decibel!

No Corporate Beer Reviews: Full of Hell

June 24, 2022

Get full of beer via the wonderfully crushable Wake x Full of Hell collaboration Italian Pils.

Five For Friday: June 24, 2022

June 24, 2022

Summer has arrived, and the forecast includes the latest releases from Nightbearer, Paganizer, Scumslaught and more!