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Death/Doom Warriors TZOMPANTLI Return! PRE-ORDER New LP ‘Beating the Drums of Ancestral Force’ on Decibel-Exclusive Vinyl!

March 29, 2024

There are only 100 copies of Tzompantli‘s new LP, Beating the Drums of Ancestral Force, on exclusive blue-and-purple-merged vinyl. Get one EXCLUSIVELY via Decibel!


Watch: Savage Lands and Heilung Join Forces on “Black Rock Heart”

April 22, 2024

Savage Lands and Heilung take a blackened stand against deforestation in Costa Rica.


Slayer’s Debut “Show No Mercy” Turns 40

December 4, 2023

There was once a metal world without Slayer, as hard as that is to imagine. That world changed forever with this album. Show No Mercy is a giant’s first loud footstep.

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Crypt Sermon

June 2024 [#236]

Includes exclusive limited edition City of Caterpillar flexi disc

Harbingers of Doom! Also: Kerry King, Remembering Blake Harrison, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Pallbearer, the Decibel Hall of Fame: The Making of Exhumed’s Gore Metal and more

Five For Friday: April 19, 2024

April 19, 2024

This week’s new releases have an extra-dreary and dark energy to them, including the latest from Dool, My Dying Bride and more!

Track Premiere: LanzerRath – “Nebular Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning”

April 18, 2024

LanzerRath drop a killer split with Shroud of Despondency coming May 10. You can stream the former’s weird and epic contribution “Nuclear Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning” below.

Album Premiere: To End It All – “Of Blood And Memory”

April 18, 2024

Seattle-based doom lords To End It All are back with a new album, Of Blood and Memory out tomorrow (April 19), but you can hear it and get super sad with us now.

Track Premiere: Zelenaya – “Spod Tego Jawora”

April 17, 2024

Brooklyn-based queer and femme folk metalers Zelenaya drop their new album Folk Songs on April 26, and are beyond stoked to unleash the third single from that record, “Spod Tego Jawora,” with us!

Album Stream: Uttertomb – ‘Nebulas of Self-Desecration’

April 17, 2024

For doom/death metal putrefaction fans, Nebulas of Self-Desecration is a must-listen. Lucky for you, we have Uttertomb‘s new LP here.

Interview: Accept’s Wolf Hoffmann Has No Plans to Slow Down

April 16, 2024

Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann talks technology, recording with producer Andy Sneap and why he still feels like a teenager.

Blast Worship: Scrotal Erosion

April 16, 2024

Go nuts for hyperblasting midwesterners Scrotal Erosion