Addison Herron-Wheeler

Track Premiere: Derelict – “Versus Entropy”

May 16, 2024

After a dozen-year hiatus, hear Montréal melodic tech-death dealers Derelict return with new single, “Versus Entropy.” Their album of the same name is out June 21.

Album Premiere: Red Rot – “Borders of Mania”

May 9, 2024

Red Rot, the project of Luciano Lorusso George and Davide Tiso, formerly of Ephel Duath, present their sophomore record, Borders of Mania, a day before it releases to the world via Hammerheart Records.

Album Premiere: Suppression – ‘Spiritual Sepsis’

May 1, 2024

Grindcore duo Suppression are back with a new album, Spiritual Sepsis, and you can hear it ahead of its May 10 release RIGHT NOW.

Track Premiere: LanzerRath – “Nebular Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning”

April 18, 2024

LanzerRath drop a killer split with Shroud of Despondency coming May 10. You can stream the former’s weird and epic contribution “Nuclear Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning” below.

Album Premiere: To End It All – “Of Blood And Memory”

April 18, 2024

Seattle-based doom lords To End It All are back with a new album, Of Blood and Memory out tomorrow (April 19), but you can hear it and get super sad with us now.

Track Premiere: Zelenaya – “Spod Tego Jawora”

April 17, 2024

Brooklyn-based queer and femme folk metalers Zelenaya drop their new album Folk Songs on April 26, and are beyond stoked to unleash the third single from that record, “Spod Tego Jawora,” with us!

Video Premiere: DeathWytch – “Todeshexe”

April 11, 2024

Get ready to get weird with the “Black Metal-Lounge meets Halloween Jazz” DeathWytch

Video Premiere: Chunked – Inhaling the Infestation

April 4, 2024

Purveyors of raw violence and classic death metal themes, Chunked unveil their debut album, Inhaling the Infestation, on May 3 via Gore House Productions. Check out the lyric video for the title track now.

Interview: Morta Skuld Finally Get Their Due on ‘Creation Undone’

March 28, 2024

Morta Skuld guitarist/vocalist Dave Gregor about the band’s latest album, Creation Undone. We unpack the record, the process, and how it feels to finally get some recognition.

Album Premiere: Mudshow – Destiny

March 21, 2024

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions present Destiny, the wrestling themed debut album from Memphis, Tennessee’s ultraviolent sludge metal sadists Mudshow.

Track Premiere: Omega Glory – “Cut Adrift”

March 14, 2024

Grindy metal punks Omega Glory are back with a new single, “Cut Adrift,” from their upcoming full-length Offerings, which you can stream now.

Album Premiere: Weston Super Maim – ‘See You Tomorrow, Baby’

March 13, 2024

Hear the debut LP from international noisemongers Weston Super Maim in advance of its Friday release!

Video Premiere: Toby Knapp – “Abramelin Carousel”

March 7, 2024

Hear some serious riffage in the form of “Abramelin Carousel” from guitar virtuoso Toby Knapp.

Album Premiere: Arthouse Fatso – “Sycophantic Seizures: A Double Feature”

February 29, 2024

Arthouse Fatso have just been birthed painfully onto their scene with their debut album out March 22 via Horror Pain Gore Death, and we have the whole bloody stream for you.

Album Premiere: Cuntroaches – ‘Cuntroaches’

February 22, 2024

Hear the latest ear-infestation of noise and post-black metal from Berlin trio Cuntroaches.

Job for a Cowboy are Calling Out Your Hippie Nonsense on “Moon Healer”

February 22, 2024

Job for a Cowboy bassist Nick Schendzielos talks about the new record and the death and rebirth of deathcore.

Video Premiere: Hibernaut – “Lantern Eyed”

February 19, 2024

Salt Lake City crushers Hibernaut reveal an appropriately epic video from last year’s Ingress LP.

Track Premiere: Agonista – Larvas

February 8, 2024

The crusty, dystopian crushers Agonista present their latest track, “Larvas,” from their forthcoming album Grey and Dry out March 8 via Armageddon Label.

Album Premiere: Spiritual Deception – “Semitae Mentis”

February 8, 2024

Get an early taste of the debut LP from Italian brutal tech-death metallers Spiritual Deception.

Video Premiere: Black Gaff – “Deck Meat”

February 1, 2024

Black Gaff turn Heads and melt faces with a new 35-second blaster.

Interview: Lord Dying on Expanding the Storyline and Keeping it Heavy

January 31, 2024

We caught up with Lord Dying guitarist/vocalist Erik Olson to discuss the sludgemongers’ continued legacy via new LP Clandestine Transcendence.

Video Premiere: ’92 – “Above the Law”

January 25, 2024

Now in a room take a view of the video from California hardcore crushers ’92.