Track Premiere: Evaporated Sores – “Claimed by Inertia”

Out September 3 from Sentient Ruin Laboratories, Ulcerous Dimensions, the debut full-length from Evaporated Sores, is the result of a long-distance collaboration between three musicians from varying backgrounds in the extreme metal underground. Featuring members of Filtheater, Maltheist and Calques, Evaporated Sores roll out a sound as heavy, callus and incessantly crushing as life itself in the year 2020. 

According to the brand-new killer trio’s biography, the instrumental death metal layer of Evaporated Sores’ debut Ulcerous Dimensions was written and recorded in Mississippi, then vocals were laid down in Portland, Oregon. Finally, in Alabama, a layer of industrial harshness was set to warp and corrode the recordings. The result is something like the Postal Service if it had included Justin Broadrick and Ted Kaczynski instead of those emo gentlemen. The result is fucking dangerous.  

“The goals on Ulcerous Dimensions were to marry the ugliest elements of extreme sound as a backdrop for humanity’s failures,” the band explains via a prepared statement. They say, however, “whereas most of the album suffocates and strangles, ‘Claimed by Inertia’ bludgeons.”

“Claimed by Inertia”

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