Full EP Premiere: Trace Amount x Blake Harrison – Under the Skin

Today’s marks the release date for Under the Skin, the new remix EP from Brooklyn-based noise/industrial producer Trace Amount. Pig Destroyer’s noisemonger and Decibel contributor Blake Harrison stands responsible for remixing Trace Amount’s debut EP Fake Figures in Sacred Scriptures.

“I have never done a ‘remix’ before,” says Blake Harrison,  “and was very excited to work with Brandon [Gallagher of] Trace Amount on my first foray into this process. It’s an interesting project and I am very honored to be a part of it.”

Trace Amount’s Brandon Gallagher

Blake Harrisons takes the aggressive aural pounding of Trace Amount’s earliest and arguably most confrontational work and turns it inside out, sometimes stripping away everything save the vocals. The result, as you’ll hear streaming below, does exactly what its title promises. It gets under your skin. 

“For his part, Trace Amount’s sole pusher Brandon Gallagher tells us he’s “been a Pig Destroyer fan for a long time,” and he’s “always loved what Blake brought to the band.” Brandon goes on to explain, “I hit [Blake] up to see if he was down and [he] ended up remixing the whole EP. Blake made the songs way gnarlier and harsher than I did the first time around.” Brandon adds that it’s “truly fitting” that Under the Skin will come out on Deathbed Tapes. Brandon says, “Alex (Deathbed Tapes) has such a sick aesthetic with his design work and just overall curation of releases through the label.”


Preorder Under the Skin now from Deathbed Tapes.