Track Premiere: Fliege – “The Invisible Seam”

Today we’re psyched to present to our readers the eponymous track from The Invisible Seam, the impending debut full length from “blackened hair metal” Brooklynites, Fliege. The then-duo’s self-titled genre-grinder of a demo was featured on Demo:listen back in 2018, when it was already almost a year old. 

photo by Chris Palermo

A band like Fliege are so weird that their appearance will always seems inexplicable and unexpected. All the same, the announcement that Fliege were ready to drop their 10-track full length debut came as quite a surprise. Now a trio, since the addition of synth player Chris Palermo, Fliege remains Peter Rittweger (vocals) and Coleman Bentley (guitars, clean vox, programming, samples) at its core. Their debut was recorded by Bentley Nikhil Kamineni and Gabriel Espinosa at various locations; mixed by Gabriel Espinosa at WinterBeast in Portland, and mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege also in Portland.

Regarding the track, Fliege offers: “Digging into the psyche of one of The Seventh Seal’s central foils—Jof the fool—’The Invisible Seam’ poses a familiar question: Is it he, in his infinite ignorance, who actually has it all figured out? Dissecting his visions of the coming of the Virgin Mary, ‘The Invisible Seam’ follows Jof from reticence to revelation, addressing the unknowable barriers between reality and un-reality, life and death, and the internal stitches that hold each of us together on a daily basis.”

“The Invisible Seam”