heavy rock

Dead Lord’s Hakim Krim Fields Nine Questions

October 23, 2017 Chris Dick

Swedish heavy rockers Dead Lord impart heartbreak, LSD trips, and politics on their new album, “In Ignorance We Trust”.

Video Premiere: Destroyer of Light – ‘Into The Smoke’

May 29, 2017 Vince Bellino

Check out a new video from Austin, TX harbingers of doom, Destroyer of Light. 

Label Spotlight: Ripple Music

May 15, 2017 Vince Bellino

Get familiar with Ripple Music, purveyors of doom, stoner, psychedelic and heavy rock and metal. 

Track Premiere: Abrams – ’18 Weeks’

May 11, 2017 Vince Bellino

Denver rockers Abrams recall old romance on “18 Weeks.”