Full Album Stream: Summoner – ‘Beyond The Realm Of Light’

Summoner go Beyond the Realm of Light on their new album, a riff-driven, melodic hard rock endeavor. Listenable in full below, Summoner set a larger-than-life atmosphere with hooks that find themselves lodged in your mind. 

Beyond the Realm of Light is Summoner’s third LP, following up 2013’s Atlantian and 2012’s Phoenix. On Beyond, Summoner exhibit energy and gusto of a band just getting started, as if three albums isn’t even close to what they have left to give, but they’re more zoned in on this effort.

“With Beyond the Realm of Light we wanted a more sharply focused, hard hitting album while still exploring the thoughtful lyrical concepts and melodic voice of our past efforts,” guitarist AJ Peters explains. “Our statement on the path humanity has taken and what lies ahead.”

Magnetic Eye Records will release Beyond the Realm of Light on May 12. Buy it here.