Stoner Metal

Track Premiere: Dead Quiet – ‘F*cking Oath’

October 13, 2017 Vince Bellino

Stream a new song from Dead Quiet‘s upcoming album, Grand Rites now.

With the Dead

September 12, 2017 Matt Solis

British doom practitioners With the Dead are this week’s Best New Noise.

Cannabis Corpse Premiere New Song, Pick 10 Favorite Albums to Smoke To

August 31, 2017 Vince Bellino

Embark on “The 420th Crusade” with Cannabis Corpse before reading bassist/vocalist LandPhil’s ten favorite albums to smoke pot to.

Track Premiere: Mindkult – ‘Nightmares’

July 3, 2017 Vince Bellino

Stream a new song from Mindkult‘s Transcending Obscurity debut.


June 28, 2017 Shawn Macomber

Three years after unleashing a self-titled debut that turned many a (metal)head — including a spot on Decibel‘s Best Bandcamp Finds of 2014 list — Toronto doom rockers Olde are set to return August 11 with the STB Records release Temple, on which the quintet’s already solid fantastically heavy, catchy-as-hell take on the ol’ crush n’ fuzz continues to evolve and deepen. 

Primitive Origins: Leaf Hound’s Growers of Mushroom

June 8, 2017 Greg Pratt

Re-examining Leaf Hound’s 1971 proto-stoner album Growers of Mushroom.

Video Premiere: Altar of Betelgeuze – ‘Absence of Light’

June 2, 2017 Vince Bellino

Watch a new video from Finnish stoner death/doom group Altar of Betelgeuze. 

Metal & Beer: Droids Attack Launch Aztec Astronaut Brew

May 31, 2017 Adem Tepedelen

Have a brew to celebrate the new Droids Attack album/beer combination.

Video Premiere: Destroyer of Light – ‘Into The Smoke’

May 29, 2017 Vince Bellino

Check out a new video from Austin, TX harbingers of doom, Destroyer of Light. 

Track Premiere: Bison – ‘Until The Earth Is Empty’

May 23, 2017 Vince Bellino

Listen to “Until the Earth is Empty” from Bison‘s You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient

Label Spotlight: Tridroid Records

May 22, 2017 Vince Bellino

An introduction to Tridroid Records, a largely cassette label. 

Track Premiere: Elder – ‘Staving Off Truth’

May 16, 2017 Vince Bellino

“Staving Off Truth” comes from Elder‘s fourth and largest album, Reflections of a Floating World. 

Label Spotlight: Ripple Music

May 15, 2017 Vince Bellino

Get familiar with Ripple Music, purveyors of doom, stoner, psychedelic and heavy rock and metal. 

Video Premiere: Season Of Arrows – ‘The Bridge’

May 1, 2017 Vince Bellino

Season of Arrows debut the music video for “The Bridge,” off sophomore effort Give It to the Mountain. 

Track Premiere: Vokonis – ‘The Sunken Djinn’

April 20, 2017 Vince Bellino

Vokonis premiere the first single from their second album, both titled The Sunken Djinn. 

Video Premiere: Connoisseur – ‘All Day Every Day’

March 17, 2017 Vince Bellino

Stoner/sludge punks Connoisseur show off what they do “All Day Every Day” in a new, 4/20 friendly video.

Full Album Stream: Mothership – ‘High Strangeness’

March 14, 2017 Vince Bellino

High Strangeness, the third full-length from Texas rockers Mothership, incorporates a variety of sounds and influences for a diverse and fun album.

All-Star Sepultura Cover Band Clenched Fist Announced As Post-Metal And Beer Fest Show

March 14, 2017 Vince Bellino

Clenched Fist, the all-star Sepultura cover band featuring members of Pig DestroyerAgoraphobic Nosebleed and Misery Index will perform at the post-Decibel Metal And Beer Fest show.

Track Premiere: Jagged Vision – ‘Euthanasia’

February 28, 2017 Vince Bellino

Jagged Vision punish the listener with thick riffs and aggressive delivery on “Euthanasia.”

Full Album Stream: Horseneck – ‘Heavy Trip’

February 15, 2017 Vince Bellino

Horseneck marry sludge and post-hardcore with a host of other sounds to craft their memorable first record, Heavy Trip. 

Support the ACLU and Extreme Metal Today on Bandcamp

February 3, 2017 Vince Bellino

Bandcamp is donating 100% of their proceeds today to the ACLU in the continued fight for human rights around the world. Here are 5 releases to consider purchasing today. 

Full Album Stream: Domkraft – ‘The End of Electricity’

November 9, 2016 Vince Bellino

Groovy, psychedelic doom is the name of the game on The End of Electricity. 

Track Premiere: Uniform Cover Black Sabbath’s ‘Symptom of the Universe’

October 28, 2016 Vince Bellino

The Black Sabbath classic gets a much noisier cover as part of Uniform‘s newest release. 

Let Arctic Take You on a Psychedelic Skate Trip

June 24, 2016 J. Andrew Zalucky

Arctic’s insane psychedelics put a chill into summer. Full album is here for streaming.

Take a Doomy Smoke Break with this Tombstoned Premiere

April 25, 2016 James Lewis

Head to the tombs to get, uh, this premiere streaming. 

Album Premiere: Enter Bardus’ Sludge/Stoner/Noise World of Sound

March 30, 2016 James Lewis

Stream their second full-length, Stella Porta, for an “escape and outlet from real life” that’s crushing, hazy, hallucinatory, and caustic, all at the same time.