Full Album Stream: Limb – “Saboteurs of the Sun”

English heavy sludge rockers Limb are preparing to issue their next full-length, Saboteurs of the Sun, tomorrow. A fusion of heavy, riffy rock and psychedelic overtones, it’s another step forward for Limb, who have been steadily releasing music since 2012.

Saboteurs of the Sun is our most ambitious and expansive record yet,” Limb elaborate. “We took our time, set our sights high, and experimented with lots textures and layers.  Thematically, we dived into English folklore as well as space-age prophecy. So you’ll find songs about arcane, occult murders as well as tales of isolation and ineffable terror in deep space. The result is a big record: big themes, big sounds and big riffs! It helped that we worked with Russ Russell again — he’s worked with everyone from Napalm Death to Hawkwind, which is the sort of breadth that we’re into!” 

Limb will release Saboteurs of the Sun through New Heavy Sounds. You can stream it below.