Video Premiere: Zed – ‘Wings of the Angel’

Bay Area stoner rockers Zed are riding high following the release of their album Volume last month, but the hype train doesn’t stop there. Decibel has teamed up with Zed to premiere their music video for “Wings of the Angel.”

The video features a variety of clips of insects, people and nature shots with lyrics appearing on screen. Bassist Mark Aceves explains that while the song features dark themes, it’s meant to be taken optimistically.

“The song lyrics are pretty open in that they can be applied to almost any situation,” Aceves tells Decibel. “But the overall idea is of someone who is in a low, dark place in their life, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, depression or just in a dead-end situation, and they remember back to a time when things were good and how they can get back to that place again. It’s a hopeful song, where the two different places, the dark and the light, are personified by the creepy insects crawling all over the place and the butterflies soaring in the sky.”

Watch the video for “Wings of the Angel” below; Volume is out now on Ripple.