Video Premiere: Plainride – ‘Warpdrive’

German stoner rock crew Plainride released their second album, Life on Ares, last year but when they performed at Trafostation 61 Festival in Frechen, they took it back to their first album with a live performance—recorded by Plainride themselves—of the song “Warpdrive.”

The closer to Return of the Jackalope, Plainride’s stripped-down stoner rock sound on “Warpdrive” thrives in a live setting, channeling the attitude of Motörhead alongside influences from Kyuss, Sleep and Fu Manchu. As seen in the video, Plainride’s raucous rock has the crowd moshing and dancing as soon as the song begins.

“Playing Trafo this year was an intense experience for us as it was our last show alongside our riff master, founding member, and brother Fabe [Klein] on guitar, who is leaving the band for occupational reasons,” guitarist Max Rebel tells Decibel. “That said, we are parting musical ways on the best of terms: as friends, as brothers. We couldn’t have wished for a better crowd than this to send Fabe off into the great beyond also known as employment and we take pride in carrying on his legacy through his riffs.”

Riff hard with Plainride in the video below and on their Bandcamp.