Track Premiere: The Fat Dukes Of F*** – ‘I’ll Tell You When It Hurts’

It’s hard not to notice Las Vegas’ The Fat Dukes of Fuck. Their forthcoming album, A Compendium of Desperation, Morality and Dick Jokes, is loaded with humorous lyrical content and features additional contributions from Melvins’ drummer Dale Crover plus members of Jesus Lizard, Qui and Demon Lung.

The Fat Dukes of Fuck play somewhat noisy heavy rock, and members of Qui appear on the track Decibel is streaming today, called “I’ll Tell You When It Hurts.’

“This tune is kind of an extension of ‘Whiskey and Bathwater,’” says vocalist/keyboardist Brent Lynch. “I think I wrote the lyrics for the two in the same week. Just another murder story, probably about the same fella. Matt and Paul from Qui are doing the ‘ohhs’ on this tune. They kind of made the song for me. When those two sing together, the heavens part and God reaches down to give everyone listening a high five. Love those dudes. If you continue listening after the song, there are a few minutes of noise. That noise is a mixture of these things:

“Birds chirping in my backyard, my sons heartbeat through his mom’s first ultrasound, some animatronic animals from one of my favorite places (the Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon) and some vocal snippets from David Yow and Matt Cronk. It all ends perfectly with Paul singing a little improvised ditty.”

A Compendium of Desperation, Morality and Dick Jokes comes out on August 25, and you can pre-order it here.