Full Album Stream: Gypsy Chief Goliath – ‘Masters of Space and Time’

Stoner metal quartet Gypsy Chief Goliath return with their latest album, Masters of Time and Space, in a flurry of dirty rock ‘n’ roll riffs, low ‘n’ slow grooves and smooth guitar melodies. Those who are familiar with their last album, Citizen of Nowhere, will have an idea of what to expect: classic stoner rock combined with heavy metal and hard, even Southern, rock elements. G.C.G. are a band that emphasize the rock part of their sound, creating deep grooves that are brightened by guitar melodies and keys.

The vocals on Masters of Time and Space alternate between a warm bellow and a scream and the music is unafraid to take a dip into psychedelic waters with songs like “Crash N’ Burn” and “Sun Prelude.”

“We stripped back for this album,” frontman Al Yeti Bones states. “The previous records were similar in production, and heaviness, and we wanted to incorporate a little more classic rock with this one and do something way different than past efforts. With that comes more singing and keyboards and maybe incorporating some other subtle nuances, like vocal layers and guitar harmonies. We really didn’t know how this was going to turn out as things became a bit experimental while in the studio. But it’s my favorite album we’ve done to date.”

If you’re looking to rock out, rock out to Masters of Time and Space. The record is out Friday on Kozmik Artifactz.