Progressive Metal

Full Album Stream: The Great Discord – “The Rabbit Hole”

October 4, 2017 Vince Bellino

Fall down The Rabbit Hole with The Great Dischord, featuring ex-Ghost drummer Aksel Holmgren.

Track Premiere: Knife the Glitter – ‘Idiot City’

September 29, 2017 Vince Bellino

Stream a new track from Knife the Glitter featuring members of The Dillinger Escape Plan and John Frum!

Full Album Stream: Bionatops – “Voices”

September 20, 2017 Vince Bellino

Stream the mind-boggling debut from tech-metal duo Bionatops now!

Video Premiere: Becomes Astral – ‘The Glass Lake’

August 18, 2017 Vince Bellino

Watch a new video from Canadian progressive death virtuosos Becomes Astral now!

Track Premiere: Squalus – ‘The Orca’

August 17, 2017 Vince Bellino

Stream the debut from Squalus (feat. members of Giant Squid) now!

Video Premiere: Oddland – ‘Penumbra’

August 14, 2017 Vince Bellino

Watch a new video from Oddland, recorded during their 2017 European tour.

Cormorant’s Matt Solis: “We’re Always Looking to Explore New Sonic Territory”

August 11, 2017 J. Andrew Zalucky

Being a progressive band worth listening to brings two challenges. First, the band must be willing to explore and weave different styles together in a compelling way. Second and perhaps most importantly, the sound should still be tethered to some recognizable form that audiences can use to relate to the music. The music can’t just…

Track Premiere: The Oxford Coma – ‘Trauma (Maybe I’m Forgetting Something)’

August 9, 2017 Vince Bellino

The Oxford Coma are putting their own unique spin on grunge. Listen to a new song featuring Intronaut guitarist/vocalist Sacha Dunable.

Track Premiere: Neck Of The Woods – ‘Bottom Feeder’

July 5, 2017 Vince Bellino

Stream a new track from progressive death metal group Neck of the Woods now.

Progressive Metal Outfit Fortis Amor Release Self-Titled Album Teaser

May 18, 2017 Vince Bellino

One-man progressive metal force Fortis Amor tease their new, self-titled record ahead of its release on May 19. 

Video Premiere: Foscor – ‘Altars’

May 15, 2017 Vince Bellino

Foscor explore the passage of time in a new music video for “Altars.”

Track Premiere: Sabbath Assembly – ‘Angels Trumpets’

May 1, 2017 Vince Bellino

Sabbath Assembly delve further into progressive metal on “Angels Trumpets.”

Video Premiere: Sollertia – ‘Praying at the Chapel Perilous’

March 13, 2017 Vince Bellino

“Praying at the Chapel Perilous” is the promising debut song and video from dark metal band Sollertia (In The Woods, ex-Ad Inferna). 

DEMO:Listen: GOD

February 24, 2017 Justin Norton

Get right with GOD in this week’s Demo: Listen. 

Cyborg Octopus Perform ‘Baptism Of Clay’ At SharkBite Studio Session

January 31, 2017 Vince Bellino

Cyborg Octopus confirm that they are indeed people and not actually cyborg octopi with guitars. 

Track Premiere & Interview: Mouth of the Architect – ‘Fallen Star’

September 28, 2016 Vince Bellino

Writing Path of Eight was a different experience for Mouth of the Architect than previous albums, the band says. Listen to a new song and read an interview with the band about writing and recording the new album. 

Lyric Video Premiere of Heading-Crushing Heaviness from Australia’s Sanzu

April 29, 2016 James Lewis

A Gojira-like sledgehammer for your skull. That’s what Fridays call for, right?

Mastodon – “Leviathan”

April 27, 2016 Kevin Stewart-Panko

Recently, I stumbled across a graffiti mural that read, “Every winner was once a beginner.” This got the gears turning, thinking about how long it’s been since Mastodon was considered an unknown, underground entity.

Fates Warning – “Awaken the Guardian”

March 2, 2016 Jeff Wagner

Fates Warning leader, guitarist and chief songwriter Jim Matheos will be living parallel lives in 2016. He’s helming the writing and recording of the band’s 12th album with the current lineup, and will concurrently assemble a lineup from the band’s distant past, including guitarist Frank “X” Aresti plus co-founders John Arch (vocals), Joe DiBiase (bass) and Steve Zimmerman (drums).

CD GIVEAWAY: Grab a copy of Caelestia’s “Beneath Abyss”

December 18, 2015 James Lewis

Here’s a chance to score something much more metal than a Rudolph sweater from Great Aunt Sylvia.