Progressive Bashers Lowcaster Issue New Album: “Flames Arise”

The word “progressive” can be a kind of loaded term in music. It can signify a band that comes from a definite style but carries it in interesting directions. It can denote an act that composes long, exploratory compositions. Or it can represent a group of musicians intent on creating some as fresh and original as possible.

I’d say that San Francisco’s Lowcaster is of the first category. The band is definitely a heavy rock band, with a crushing guitar tone and powerful rhythm section. With the various movements in their music, from heavy to soft and back again, there’s certainly a good amount of Opeth and Porcupine Tree going on.

But what really draws the listener’s attention are the vocals of singer’s Jason and Marc, and the melodies they exude. Call me crazy, but on “Flames Bemoan the Tide,” the band’s vocal influences don’t seem very metal at all. In fact, the vocals give me a feeling similar to that of Dredg, Thursday and Circa Survive (though not as high, of course). This gives the already excellent instrumentation a cool contrast, and one that I’ve never heard done this way before. But don’t worry purists, there’s plenty of raspy and throaty vocals to be found on the rest of the album.

So cheers to Lowcaster and their second album, Flames Arise, out today via Ripple Music. Check out “Flames Bemoan the Tide” below!