Video Premiere: King Witch “Of Rock And Stone”

King Witch

Scottish heavy rock icons King Witch may not be so new now but after two full-lengths — Body of Light will be released on April 24th on the Listenable label — their quality is showing through. Case in point: the song “Of Rock and Stone,” for which King Witch have a video. On this very song, from the Body of Light full-length, the quartet from the halls of Auld Reekie show heavy rock chops, the kind riffed on by the likes of The Obsessed, Trouble, and Candlemass and vocalized by Dio, Messiah, Robert Plant, and Janis Joplin.

So, bring on the Scottish heavy (rock) pettin’ with King Witch’s “Of Rock and Stone”!

“‘Of Rock and Stone’ is inspired by Celtic mythology and folklore. I chose to base it on Beira, queen of winter and mother of all the gods and goddesses. I felt the song evoked a strong sense of pride and power and she is the essence of that. Scotland is a country steeped in tales of war, magic, folklore, sadness, happiness and pride and since it is our home I thought It would be nice to inject a bit of that into the album. This track felt like a natural choice for a video as it takes you on an electrifying journey from dark, brooding passages through to full-tilt Heavy Metal glory!”

** King Witch’s Body of Light is out April 24th on Listenable Records. Pre-order CDs, LPs, and music-t-shirt bundles HERE.