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Black Moon Rising, A Q&A With Jonathan Hultén

August 14, 2017 Chris Dick

Decibel caught up with Tribulation guitarist Jonathan Hultén about his first solo singer-songwriter record, due out this month.

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Track Premiere: Blackened Rockers CLOAK Unshroud New Song

June 8, 2016 Sean Frasier

Atlanta-based dark metal conspirators Cloak comb the blackest shadows of rock ‘n’ roll on the opening track off their eponymous EP.

Cleavers of Souls: An Interview with Skeletonwitch’s Scott Hedrick and Adam Clemans

April 7, 2016 Matt Solis

The Decibel Magazine Tour has been in full swing for three weeks now, and for Skeletonwitch, it’s been a perfect vehicle to introduce their new frontman, Adam Clemans. We caught up with Clemans and guitarist Scott Hedrick after a blistering 40-minute set at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom to talk tour stories, album plans, and Facebook etiquette.

Abbath debut “Winterbane” video

March 16, 2016 Albert Mudrian

The Decibel Tour starts tomorrow. But you can indulge in a new Abbath video today.

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March 11, 2016 James Lewis

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March 11, 2016 James Lewis

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Talkin ‘Bout Flex: Tribulation

March 7, 2016 Daniel Lake

This month, we contacted Swedish death miscreants Tribulation, whose 2009 debut, The Horror, perked up ears but whose subsequent efforts, including last year’s The Children of the Night, turned our collective heads all the way around, several times over.

LAST DAY for Decibel Tour VIP Packages!

February 26, 2016 James Lewis

Missing out on this is sort of like missing out on last call at the bar. If they gave you extra beers at the same price, that is. 

Tribulation Double Down on Misfits Madness on April Flexi

February 16, 2016 Andrew Bonazelli

Danzig covering bands in 2016: not so cool. Other bands covering Danzig (in this case the Misfits) in 2016: still very cool.

Second Sun of a Second Sun

June 1, 2015 Jeff Treppel

Tribulation have psych rock elements, their drummer has a psych rock band. Coincidence?


March 20, 2015 Chris Dick

The Children of the night
Tribulation fly, wingless into the night, redefine modern death metal
dB Rating: 9/10

STREAMING: Tribulation “In the Dreams of the Dead”

February 18, 2015 Chris Dick

“The Children of the Night takes off where The Formulas of Death ended,” says Tribulation guitarist Adam Zaars. “And if the latter was dark the former is pitch black, though the album ranges from murky forests to the brightest city lights. It is a celebration of the divine spirit and our ability to tread liminal…

Adam Zaars (Tribulation) interviewed

April 15, 2013 Chris Dick

I’m trying to put a finger on The Formulas of Death, but I can’t. Was the intention to make an album that’s hard to fit into one easy category?Adam Zaars: No, that wasn’t the intention, but I’m not surprised to hear the question. The intention was just to create flowing music. It would have been…