Second Sun of a Second Sun

As you may have seen in my Black Label Debutante Ball feature on Electric Assault in Issue 128, Tribulation’s drummer, Jakob Ljungberg, has a totally sweet 60s psych rock band called Second Sun. Obviously, I had to know more, so I reached out to talk to him about his band’s new album, Hopp/Förtvivlan.

Can you go over some of your influences for people that might not be as familiar with them?

The influences varies but in general I’d say it’s experimental music from the sixties and seventies that inspires me the most. Hawkwind, Eloy, Jethro Tull, Popol Vuh and the likes. Then I have to mention (especially Irish) folk music which inspires me a lot! The record Midsummer’s Night by Dervish is one of those records that I’ve listened to countless times and still find new things in. The band who inspired me to actually get started and finishing the album is the fantastic Wolf People. One of the best bands in existence! 

What is it about this kind of music that appeals to you?

I haven’t really thought about it actually, I just like it. I guess it was the melodies and the harmonies that got me at first. I always liked the relentless drive that come from people playing on or beyond their limits. 

Why did you decide to explore this kind of music outside of Tribulation?

I actually started Second Sun before I joined Tribulation, so actually it’s the other way around, haha. I started to explore the kraut rock movement and also the english folk and prog rock and it felt natural to use the inspiration I got from that! I also really wanted to play guitar and sing in a band, I’ve always been the drummer, but I guess I like attention too much to always be the drummer, haha. 

What is the significance of Hopp/Förtvivlan‘s title?

It means Hope/Despair, or something in the vecinity. Förtvivlan is not a very modern word I guess, but it’s a powerful one. I’ve always liked it. The lyrics of the title track deal with that, two sides of life. Without one, the other won’t mean anything. 

Why did you decide to do lyrics in your native language?

It’s easier to hit the notes and to sing in a high pitch, for some reason. I also have a hard time expressing myself in English, it’s like there’s a barrier between me and the lyrics. I tried writing english lyrics, but they weren’t honest, thus no good. Maybe I’ll try again some day. 

***Hopp/Förtvivlan is out June 2 on Electric Assault. Get it here.