STREAMING: Tribulation “In the Dreams of the Dead”

The Children of the Night takes off where The Formulas of Death ended,” says Tribulation guitarist Adam Zaars. “And if the latter was dark the former is pitch black, though the album ranges from murky forests to the brightest city lights. It is a celebration of the divine spirit and our ability to tread liminal space and the changes that inevitably come with that, a hopefully subversive piece of art. The album takes Tribulation’s path towards the unknown even further and we are treading in uncharted territory… join us!”
Indeed, if you haven’t joined Tribulation yet now is the time. In their former lives, they were a creative, if unrelenting death metal act. In their current lives, they are boundless shape-shifters in the depths of death and black metal. They are between spaces. They are death meta. If that statement made you cringe, listen to new song, “In The Dreams Of The Dead”, and tell us otherwise; prove to us Tribulation aren’t on a different wavelength than their nearest peer.

Like torches burning in the night, our semi-black hearts are warmed to present the world fucking premiere of “In The Dreams Of The Dead” off new album The Children of the Night.

** Tribulation’s new album, Children of the Night, is out April 14th on Century Media Records. Pre-order configurations are available HERE. There’s also a limited (1,000 copies) LP+CD box HERE.