Tribulation Double Down on Misfits Madness on April Flexi

Danzig covering bands in 2016: not so cool. Other bands covering Danzig (in this case the Misfits) in 2016: still very cool. Tribulation, the Swedish progressive death metallers gearing up to lay waste on the 2016 Decibel Tour: the coolest.

We’ve been lucky enough to have a touring band contribute a flexi for all five years of the tour’s existence, and now Tribulation join the likes of In Solitude, Cannibal Corpse, Noisem and Pallbearer with not one, but two iconic Misfits covers from the A-side of 1983’s Earth A.D./Wolf’s Blood: “Devilock” and “Death Comes Ripping.” Both were recorded in late December when the band had two weeks off between U.S. and European tours. Give a spin below, and pick up the real thing in the April issue.