Decibel Meter: Early Christmas Gifts to Yourself

Many blood-splattered holidays ago, Decibel and f.y.e. announced the Decibel Meter, a partnership featuring a monthly online and in-store collection making sure that you get only the most extreme records to add to your collection. Look, let’s face it: Grandma isn’t getting you that copy of Tomb of the Mutilated, but nothing’s stopping you from enjoying an early Christmas gift to yourself. While you’re at it, snag a few more of the seven Corpse albums f.y.e. have available: Tomb of the Mutilated, Butchered at Birth, Eaten Back to Life, Red Before Black (on exclusive vinyl), A Skeletal Domain, Bloodthirst (on exclusive vinyl) and Gallery of Suicide (also on exclusive vinyl).

If gore isn’t your thing, check out those Iron Maiden reissues; there’s never a bad time to add KillersIron Maiden and Number of the Beast to your collection.

f.y.e. also have plenty of titles from Decibel‘s Top 40 Album of 2018 in their collection; Yob’s mind-blowing Our Raw Heart, Immortal’s triumphant Northern Chaos Gods and Judas Priest’s Firepower are all great options from reliable Decibel faves. The collection also includes gamechangers from goth/death/black heroes Tribulation (Down Below), atmospheric blackened goodness from Skeletonwitch (Devouring Radiant Light) and funeral doom lords Evoken‘s first concept album, Hypnagogia.

Special vinyl variants are also available from Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel, Swedish death metal gods Bloodbath and metalcore mainstays Unearth, plus the aforementioned titles.

Stop waiting for your family to understand that it’s not just a phase and hit the f.y.e. website or store locator to make this Christmas extremely extreme.