Jon Rosenthal

Album Stream: Narzissus – ‘Akt III: Erlösung’

January 8, 2024

Hear the ever-prolific Erech Leleth return with his latest heavy black metal creation, the debut full-length LP from Narzissus.

Video Premiere: Fragile Body – “Anhedonia”

January 5, 2024

Featuring current and former members of Cetus, Cleric, Wolvhammer, Sovereign, Philadelphia’s Fragile Body offer a concise approach to post-metal.

Track Premiere: Spectral Lore – “Our Castles Have Fallen (Raging Winter)”

December 13, 2023

Atmospheric black metal project Spectral Lore reveal new 20-minute epic from forthcoming full length IV.

Album Stream – Void – ‘Jadjow’

November 29, 2023

Hear two former Dødheimsgard guitarists keep it Norweird with Void.

Album Stream: Litha – ‘Litha’

November 15, 2023

Hear live Mizmor and Hell musician Andrew Black emerge from the darkness via Litha‘s self-titled debut, streaming here ahead of its Friday release.

Track Premiere: Valdrin – “Paladins of Ausadjur”

October 24, 2023

Valdrin made a great, catchy metal album in Throne of the Lunar Soul. Stream “Paladins of Ausadjur” here. Accordion? In my metal? Believe it. Embrace it.

Track Premiere: Malokarpatan – “Maharal a Golem”

September 25, 2023

Hear Slovakian evil metal masters Malokarpatan return with their first new material in three years from the forthcoming Vertumnus Caesar.

Video Premiere: Ershetu – “From Corn To Dust”

September 21, 2023

Hear Blut Aus Nord mastermind Vindsval team with Borknagar/Solefald vocalist Lars “Lazare” Nedland in Ershetu, creating a uniquely whimsical take on black metal.

Album Premiere: Bergfried – ‘Romantik II’

August 28, 2023

Hear Ancient Mastery mainman and prolific multi-instrumentalist Erech Leleth indulge his old-school heavy metal itch with Bergfried.

Track Premiere: Auriferous Flame – “Beyond Light, Beyond Reason”

August 15, 2023

Hear Spectral Lore mastermind Ayloss indulge his black/thrash metal impulse via Auriferous Flame‘s new bludgeoning riff-fest.

Track Premiere: Imperial Crystalline Entombment – “Of Blizzards and Banshees”

July 13, 2023

Hear frozen black metal outfit Imperial Crystalline Entombment return with a new track from their first LP in two decades.

Full Album Stream + Interview: Lightbreaker – ‘Annihilation of the Annealids’

June 28, 2023

Leon del Muerte talks about self-releasing the album from his avant garde mid-’90s-leaning project Lightbreaker album. Read on and stream Annihilation of the Annealids ahead of its release.

Full Album Premiere: Big Garden – ‘To the Rind’

June 27, 2023

Gilead Media signees Big Garden are the latest — and perhaps greatest — entrant into the early ’90s-style shoegazing, grungy alt-rock revival.

Full EP Premiere: Rainer Landfermann – ‘Mehr Licht’

June 21, 2023

Legendary ex-Bethlehem/Pavor vocalist Rainer Landfermann returns with more vocal acrobatics on his latest two-track EP.

Full Album Stream: dai-ichi – ‘dai-ichi’

May 16, 2023

Hear mysterious raw black metal duo dai-ichi return with their second boundary-obliterating self-titled record.

Full Album Stream: Naturvidrig – ‘Naturvidrig’

May 10, 2023

Naturvidrig could very well be your new favorite black metal band. Hear the Swedes’ new self-titled LP before its release this Friday.

Fleurety – “Min tid skal komme”

April 24, 2023

Norwegian black metal’s “weirdification” delivers a genre landmark with Fleurety‘s debut LP, Min tid skal komme.

Track Premiere: Pestifer – “Defeat of the Nemesis”

March 13, 2023

Belgian progressive death metallers Pestifer are anything but a nuisance on spectacular new track “Defeat of the Nemesis.”

Video Premiere: Gorod – “We Are the Sun Gods”

March 1, 2023

Watch progressive death metal vets Gorod shine bright in the latest video taken from their forthcoming record, The Orb, out March 10.

Track Premiere: Lamp of Murmuur – “Seal of the Dominator”

February 13, 2023

Hear the latest single from USBM phenom Lamp of Murmuur ahead of the march release of new LP Saturnian Bloodstorm.

Full Album Stream: Palace of Worms – “Cabal”

January 30, 2023

Though Palace of Worms is now over, hear Cabal briefly breathe new life into this project’s doomed carcass and read an interview with Balan here.

Haavard (ex-Ulver) Talks His Turn to Folkish Black Metal; Stream New LP, ‘Haavard’ Now

November 10, 2022

Listen to Haavard ahead of its Friday release date and read an interview with the ex-Ulver guitarist the artist here.

Track Premiere: Dødsengel – “In the Heart of the World”

November 9, 2022

Norwegian black metal adventurers Dødsengel return with “In the Heart of the World” the second single from their forthcoming full-length Bab Al On

Black Metal Enigma BOOK OF SAND Explains its Crusade Against, But Also for, Black Metal

November 1, 2022

Prolific USBM project Book of Sand celebrates today’s release of new LP, seven candles for an empty altar with a lengthy new interview.

Gene Ambo on 40 Years of Metallic Memories in His New Photo Book ‘Heavy Metro’

September 19, 2022

The legendary Chicago photographer tells tales of shooting the biggest names in metal and punk in the city’s most revered rock ‘n’ roll venue.

Track Premiere: Power from Hell – “Primordial Impurity”

July 21, 2022

Brazilian black metallers Power From Hell power up with the first single from their Debemur Morti Productions debut Shadows Devouring Light.

Track Premiere: Crestfallen Dusk – “Our Old, Rotting Cabin”

July 13, 2022

Hear prolific guitarist and vocalist Ryan Clackner’s juxtaposition of traditional American folk music and atonal black metal in Crestfallen Dusk.

Track Premiere: Alvaldur – “Nightmares Ride Across the Stars”

May 11, 2022

Hear the opening track from Of Dusk and Crumbling Silence, the debut LP from USBM upstarts Alvaldur, before its Friday the 13th release date.