Video Premiere: Ershetu – “From Corn To Dust”

Blut Aus Nord mastermind Vindsval has had a busy year. Along with releasing a new album under the Blut Aus Nord album, he also contributed guitars to a new band: Ershetu. Masterminded by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sacr and lyricist Void, Ershetu’s atmospheric black metal showcases a fascination with Mayan folklore and mythology. Also featuring Borknagar and Solefald vocalist Lars “Lazare” Nedland at the helm, Ershetu’s uniquely whimsical take on black metal, complete with flutes and auxiliary percussion, is a cast of familiar and not so familiar characters.

“With the very rich and deep sound that Vindsval provided, and with Void’s subtle text magnificently interpreted by Lars,” says Sacr, “‘From Corn To Dust’ is in my opinion a very rich track containing many different atmospheres. This all happened quite naturally during the composition process.”

Watch a new video for new single “From Corn To Dust,” made by visual artist Dehn Sohra, below.

Ershetu’s impending Xibalba releases October 27th via Debemur Morti Productions.

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