Track Premiere: Pestifer – “Defeat of the Nemesis”

Okay, so technical death metal isn’t the most joyous listen. It’s serious stuff–the musicians are pulling out all the stops and you have to pay attention to each and every detail if you want to understand half of what might be going on. But, what if I told you it could be fun? Technical death metal band Pestifer craft music which is as fun as it is dazzling. Yes, the riffs are some super serious business, but there is this ’70s sci-fi type of atmosphere surrounding it (no hyperreal aliens, here), which evokes a playfulness Pestifer’s peers simply miss in their quest to outdo each other. It brings joy! It’s fun! Maybe not something one would expect from technical death metal, but Pestifer definitely hits a positive nerve. Stream new single “Defeat of the Nemesis” from the upcoming EP of the same title, below.


Pre-order Defeat of the Nemesis in the U.S., in Europe or through Pestifer’s Bandcamp.