Track Premiere: Crestfallen Dusk – “Our Old, Rotting Cabin”

Though prolific guitarist and vocalist Ryan Clackner’s Lower-Appalachian folk black metal in Primeval Well and Vile Haint (along with other oddities like StumpTail) has left the underground abuzz with compliments and curiosity, this multi-instrumentalist and songwriter’s interest in the foothills goes beyond the country and southern-fried. Finding inspiration in Hill country and blues, Clackner’s juxtaposition of traditional American folk music and bizarre, at times atonal black metal creates an atmosphere which is as distinctly blue as Crestfallen Dusk‘s debut album cover. Though heavy on atmosphere, it’s Clackner’s guitar playing which truly makes this album special–technically proficient and true to style, this Tennessee-based musician’s attention to detail and studious performance creates something truly unique. Listen to an exclusive premiere of Crestfallen Dusk track “Our Old, Rotting Cabin” below.

Crestfallen Dusk releases July 22nd via Folkvangr Records with vinyl to follow later this year on Ixiol Productions.