Five For Friday: February 23, 2024

February 23, 2024

This week’s set of new releases includes big and brutal names like Job For A Cowboy, Darkest Hour, and Borknagar.

Video Premiere: Ershetu – “From Corn To Dust”

September 21, 2023

Hear Blut Aus Nord mastermind Vindsval team with Borknagar/Solefald vocalist Lars “Lazare” Nedland in Ershetu, creating a uniquely whimsical take on black metal.

Rotting Christ To Release Exclusive Single, “Holy Mountain,” Via the Decibel Flexi Series

April 12, 2022

Get your deluxe Decibel subscription by Monday, June 1 to obtain this EXCLUSIVE flexi disc single from Greek black metal legends Rotting Christ

Q&A: Øystein G. Brun’s Borknagar Are Truly North From Here

November 25, 2019

Twenty-five years and 11 albums later, Norwegian progressive metallers Borknagar have found their true north on new album, True North. Founder Øystein G. Brun leads the way.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Borknagar “The Earthling”

July 9, 2012

Lately, I’ve presented a few Borknagar gems that may make it seem like I’m partial to the Norwegian pagan/progressive/black-inspired metallers. I am, actually. OK, full disclosure: Borknagar’s been ruling my seven seas from the time when the then-unknown supergroup issued its debut album, Borknagar, and lead Borker Øystein G. Brun were penpals of sorts. The…

Øystein Brun (Borknagar) interviewed

June 20, 2012

OK, ICS Vortex had a cameo on “My Domain”. He’s now returned as a full-time co-vocalist. What’s the story there? I gather a lot of old-time Borknagar fans now feel it’s time for Garm to step back into the fold. Universes colliding and all that. Øystein Brun: Well, wish I could reveal an enigmatic story…

STREAMING: Borknagar “Roots”

February 9, 2012

By now, Norway progressive/black-ish/folk-ish metallers Borknagar should be a familiar entity to most ‘bangers. They’ve managed nine quality albums — including new long-player Urd — across a 17-year timeline and had the balls to recall and then host former frontman ICS Vortex alongside screamer/crooner Vintersorg, which is something most bands don’t do unless they’re on…