Track Premiere: Power from Hell – “Primordial Impurity”

There’s a lot in a name. For instance, when I first saw Power From Hell‘s name, I wrote them off as another thrash band. It wasn’t until editor Albert Mudrian pointed them in my direction that I gave them a fair chance, and their strong, devoted black metal’s power certainly comes from, as Adam Sandler’s demonic Little Nicky would say with a chuckle, the “Deep South.” Streaming exclusively below is “Primordial Impurity” from Power From Hell’s upcoming Debemur Morti debut Shadows Devouring Light. A slow burner, Power From Hell’s blasphemous, droning sound exudes evil in a more, to cite the song’s title, primordial way. Even when they explode into speed-picked and blast beaten fury, the song oozes in a truly awe-inspiring way. Lumbering forward, Power From Hell escapes the deep and brings Hell to Earth.

“The lyrics are about the eternal human conflict between the sacred and the forbidden in the context of sexual acts, thoughts, and desires,” frontman and composer Sodomic says of the new LP’s concept “These were seen throughout our history as something heinous by many cultures, people, civilizations and, of course, by most religious doctrines. Many times, this was, of course, purely hypocritical since history documents unspeakable sexual acts and sexual crimes in the name of some ‘gods.’

“That kind of sexual rebelliousness imprinted in our DNA is still one of the things that most strongly bothers some people and spreads absolute horror. This theme has haunted humans for millennia. Therefore, here I make a parallel with the parable of the original sin used as a backdrop to describe that from the moment the forbidden fruit is eaten, all human misfortunes, internal and external, begin. I regard it as the first act of absolute impurity, or in other words, the primordial impurity.

“The profane feminine is also addressed here in the archetype of the filthy woman, the one who came into this world only to corrupt men, from Eve to Jezebel to the daughters and wives of ‘god’s ministers.’ There are only two things that never sleep in this world, evil and lust, and therein lies the relationship with the album title: the shadow of desire that never sleeps and is often utterly impure, stalks humans and is able to devour the last spark of an individual’s light.”

Shadows Devouring Light is released via Debemur Morti Productions on September 30. You can pre-order it here (for Europe) and here (for the U.S.).