Track Premiere: Auriferous Flame – “Beyond Light, Beyond Reason”

Though Spectral Lore mastermind Ayloss’ oeuvre has never been synonymous with the stylistically conservative and “old school,” this Greek multi-instrumentalist and songwriter has proven to always have something up his proverbial sleeve. Venturing into the world of black/thrash metal, Auriferous Flame‘s bludgeoning riff-fest is reminiscent of days of yore, when “black/thrash metal” meant being unbridled and absolutely ridiculous more so than re-stealing a handful of Mustaine’s riffs over a blast beat. This project’s upcoming (and most certainly over-the-top) album Ardor for Black Mastery most certainly appealing to those who possess an “old-school” mentality but want to try something new. Stream “Beyond Light, Beyond Reason” ahead of Ardor for Black Mastery‘s release below.

Ardor for Black Mastery releases October 6 via True Cult Records and Stellar Auditorium.