Track Premiere: Malokarpatan – “Maharal a Golem”

The Slovakian evil metal masters reign supreme. Though Malokarpatan‘s last album album Krupinské ohne featured a doomier and more deliberate sound, it’s with the upcoming Vertumnus Caesar that we get a proper stylistic successor to the blackened heavy metal sound the band perfected on Nordkarpatenland back in 2017. Situated just past the album’s halfway point, “Maharal a Golem” capitalizes on Vertumnus Caesar‘s spookier elements. Highlighted with cinematic and synthesizer-led passages that punctuate a greater sinister sense which pervades the album, the song riffs as hard as the atmosphere it creates. This fusion of black metal, heavy metal, and B-movie soundtracks is a natural sort of progression for primary songwriter and guitarist As, whose other project Remmirath uses a similar sort of playfulness to make a greater creative point. Listen to an exclusive pre-release stream of “Maharal a Golem” below.

Vertumnus Caesar releases October 27th via Invictus Productions.