Album Premiere: Bergfried – ‘Romantik II’

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Erech Leleth’s universe is vast. From projects like Ancient Mastery’s power metal-inflected black metal resistance songs to Summer Haze ’99’s shoegazing blast and Carathis’ guitar heroism, this Austrian musician’s vision encompasses all his projects to tell the story of a fantasy world. In Bergfried Erech Leleth, here known as Erech III. von Lothringen, is joined by singer Anna von Savoy to recall the story of wartorn lovers. Rooted in heavy metal and glam, but with an undeniable rock and power metal sheen, Bergfried’s Romantik II continues the story begun with last year’s Romantik I. Though the tale is tragic, Leleth and von Savoy’s hard-hitting, melodic metal is filled with anthemic choruses and sharp riffs alike. Falling in line with Leleth’s other projects’ Medieval mindsets, Bergfried, too, is steeped in a regal, folk-inspired melodic sense, but with a larger-than-life presence which can be ascribed to Leleth’s sense of songwriting pageantry. Streaming in full below ahead of its Friday release, Romantik II is the next great step in Erech Leleth’s epic trajectory. Bergfried is your new favorite heavy metal band.

Romantik II will be released on vinyl and cassette by Fiadh Productions.