Full EP Premiere: Rainer Landfermann – ‘Mehr Licht’

Rainer Landfermann‘s reputation precedes him. Whether it’s his performance on Bethlehem’s Dictius te Necare, his incredible bass playing in technical death metal band Pavor, or his even more ridiculous material as a solo artist, Landfermann’s penchant or the extreme—the over the top—defines his artistic oeuvre. On his new two-track EP Mehr Licht, Landfermann approaches over-the-top-ness from a different perspective. While half of the EP is technical, progressive, bizarre metal, a la his last album Mein Wort in deiner Dunkekleheit, Mehr Licht‘s foray into ’80s-inspired synthesizer music in its opening track, complete with Landfermann’s outrageous howling, ranting and raving vocals, shows this former enigma to be a multi-faceted musician, one who looks to more than just metal for inspiration. Packaged in a luxurious gatefold with an art book, this vinyl-only EP is a solid reminder that Rainer Landfermann is a force to be reckoned with, and a talent not to be taken lightly. Mehr Licht is streaming below ahead of its Friday release.

(Mehr Licht will be independently released on June 23.)