Full Album Stream: dai-ichi – ‘dai-ichi’

dai-ichi‘s second eponymous album, following an eponymous debut and a split with black metal darling Lamp of Murmuur, explores uncharted waters for this mysterious raw black metal duo. Though ii‘s majority paints their raw passions in shades of minimal, riffy black metal, it’s vocalist Yūrei and multi-instrumentalist Han Kirisuto’s fearlessness which takes dai-ichi to the proverbial next level. Featuring the occasional clean sung portion (think more Russia than France) and bookended with forays into the world of electronic beats and turn-of-the-millennium chrome-tinted vibes (think more Grand Declaration of War than The Sham Mirrors), dai-ichi is a peculiarity in the raw black metal world where, much like their compatriot M., dai-ichi exercises the long-lost art of creativity. There are no rules to actually follow, after all (you hear that, Instagram?). Do what thou wilt, and dai-ichi certainly does.

dai-ichi is the final Crown and Throne, Ltd. release. You can order LP and cassette copies here as of noon (EST) today.