Track Premiere: Dripping Decay – “Abundant Cadaveric Waste”

From deep within the Pacific Northwest, Maniac Neil rises once again! Otherwise known as the mind behind Frightmare, Blood Freak, and many other highly quality death/grind bands, Neil’s new band Dripping Decay‘s more traditional, riff-inspired brick shithouse of a debut album Festering Grotesqueries‘ putrid and bloated mix of death metal and grindcore is a solid reminder that The Maniac‘s mastery is something to truly behold. “Abundant Cadaveric Waste,” which is streaming ahead of Festering Grotesqueries‘ August release date, is a gore-infested and horrific bout of by-the-books and absolutely gross anti-musical mania. Maniac Neil is fucking back, folks. Don’t miss this.

From the band:

“Abundant Cadaveric Waste” is a blasting, Death/Grind cornucopia of wild tempos and fills that describes what happens to your organs when you die from a deadly disease, no longer viable to be sold for science or illicit black market activities…

Festering Grotesqueries releases August 18th via Satanik Royalty Records.