Video Premiere: Tillian – ‘Frozen Sun’

Israeli progressive metal outfit Tillian put the focus on singer Leah Marcu with the video for “Frozen Sun,” a track culled from last year’s Lotus Graveyard. Marcu’s operatic vocals serve as the centerpiece of the song, supported by an upbeat performance by her bandmates, who easily transition from riff-driven segments to minimal, vocal-driven (see the two-and-a-half minute mark for an example).

The dramatic nature of “Frozen Sun” is underscored by the video, which features an aerial performance by acrobat May Ender. The idea of a metal song and elegant acrobatics may not be the most natural one, but Ender’s performance, paired with some smooth editing and camerawork, serves to enhance the mood.

According to the band, Ender is performing a dance of samsara, or the cycle of death and rebirth that binds the material world. See it for yourself below; Lotus Graveyard is available now.