Atheist and Cynic Members Go Deep On The A Piece of Time Podcast

Cynic Atheist

Progressive (death) metal visionaries Atheist and Cynic will embark on their 30th Anniversary tour of the US called “Focus and Presence.” The jaunt will celebrate Atheist’s Unquestionable Presence (released in 1991) and Cynic’s Focus (released in 1993) — both Decibel Hall of Fame albums (HERE and HERE). Actually, Atheist will be performing not just tracks off Unquestionable Presence, but also Piece of Time (released in 1990) and Elements (released in 1993).

As a primer for the tour, Atheist and Cynic frontmen Kelly Shaefer and Paul Masvidal sat down for an in-depth and honest conversation through Shaefer’s podcast called A Piece of Time Podcast. The talk, which lasts just over two hours, puts the two technical (death) metal masterminds into historical and very personal perspective. A Piece of Time Podcast started in 2022, and currently has Episode 1 (with Suffocation’s Terrance Hobbs) live, with Episode 3 ready for publication via YouTube.

Said Shaefer of the “Focus and Presence” tour: “This has been something that Paul and I have been talking about in some capacity since we were in our early 20s. It’s surreal to share a 30 year milestone together, and this tour will showcase for us a chance to play songs from our first three records as a special trilogy anniversary set, including songs not performed live in decades. Two titans of technical progressive metal coming together for a unicorn of a tour… one you will not want to miss!”

Masvidal adds: “Come join us for a night of Cynic/Atheist magic! We’ll be celebrating our lifelong journey together with a night of progressive music and timeless memories. Don’t miss it!”

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