Track Premiere: Fell Ruin – “The Burning Spire”

With a full frontal assault blast beat attack to kick off this track premiere, Detroit, Michigan quartet Fell Ruin give the impression that their new track, the six-minute “The Burning Spire,” is gonna be a relentless onslaught of death metal destruction. Ah, but stick around for a bit and what’s revealed offers a clearer picture of what the foursome—August Krueger (drums), Jeff McMullen (bass), Robert Radtke (guitars/synths), Brian Sheehan (vocals/synths)—have in store. “The Burning Spire” actually showcases the breadth of the band’s influences as it moves seamlessly from the initial burst of aggression into gloomy melancholia mid-song that gradually builds to a lumbering, doomy finish.

The track is drawn from Fell Ruin’s upcoming second full-length, Cast in Oil the Dressed Wrought, which was recorded and mixed by Clyde Wilson at Mount Doom Studios in Warren, Michigan, and mastered by Collin Jordan at the Boiler Room in Chicago. It’s set for release via Tartarus Records (vinyl/cassette/ digital) and Death Psalm Records (CD) on November 11. You can preorder it here.

This is the quote the band had to offer about the track:

“Alas, the cast to fall but no one says a word. Crawling dance to majesty. Forger of the decadent trail.

…but no one says a word. Crawling dance to majesty. Pornographer of the unhailed tongue.

In patronage of the gutted man.”