Kevin Stewart-Panko

Mastodon – “Leviathan”

April 27, 2016

Recently, I stumbled across a graffiti mural that read, “Every winner was once a beginner.” This got the gears turning, thinking about how long it’s been since Mastodon was considered an unknown, underground entity.

Off in Another World: Rapheumets Well Video Premiere

April 21, 2016

Hickory, NC’s Rapheumets Well is a band heavily steeped in science fiction and fantasy. They slam dunk their lushly orchestral and luxurious symphonic melodic blackened death metal into a fantastical and fantastically creative and complex world that I don’t even want to embarrass myself trying to explain.

Stripping the HM-2’s Wires: An Interview With Miasmal

April 6, 2016

When you take a step back and consider that yellow-and-blue flag waving Swedish death metal as pumped through the (real or imagined) Boss HM-2 pedal is almost a genre onto itself, it’s perplexed me since 2011, when they released their self-titled debut, that Gothenburg’s Miasmal hasn’t been a name on more lips and tongues.

Satan – “Court in the Act”

April 1, 2016

By the time 1983 rolled around, those bands participating within the loose construct known as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal had become well aware that there was more to their scene and sound than playing time-tested and amped-up blues-based riffs in the back rooms of pubs or moldy rehearsal rooms.

So What’cha Want? More Grindcore. Streaming and Interviewing Livet Som Insats

March 24, 2016

Sweden’s Livet Som Insats second full-length, Check Your Grind features a take on the iconic Beastie Boys cover. We’d say the similarities end there, but listen and see if you can pick up on the similarities between the bands while we introduce you to them via a getting-to-know you interview.

Born Too Late: Exclusive Stream Featuring The Glorious Rebellion

March 10, 2016

Orlando’s The Glorious Rebellion is the sort of band that, were they alive and kicking back in the late 80s/early-to-mid 90s, would have been about as seriously tailor-made for a life signed to AmRep as one could imagine.

ÉOHUM – Where Black Metal Meets the Environment, Heritage and French Horns

February 25, 2016

Normally, this is the spot where time would be taken to give an introduction to the band, but guitarist Jeremy Perkins took the baton and ran with it like a motherfucker when we sent Montreal’s Éohum a few questions about having a full time French horn player augmenting their doomy black metal.

Grinding Your Friends into Dust: Stheno/World Downfall Split 7″ Stream

February 11, 2016

German – Greek friendship at its finest! A grindcore/crust/death/black metal sonic attack is provided with this split release! 

Divinity: Back Where They Belong?

January 28, 2016

If the name Divinity is an unfamilar one, you’d be forgiven for your ignorance. Have you tried to familiarize yourself with every band out there? It’s a bit of a tough task, even when the band in question has spent time on both the rosters of Nuclear Blast and Candlelight. 

Sepultura – “Arise”

January 28, 2016

“Arise was the seed that exploded on Roots,” Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser thoughtfully notes. Those of you keeping score will note that this is Sepultura’s third dance with our Hall of Fame, a dB first.

Feastem and Teething Deliver Seven Inches of Grind

January 19, 2016

“Spain’s superb hardcore punk misfits clash with Finland’s finest grindcore deviants on this unforgivingly brutal split 7” that’s going to pummel you into submission from the very first notes.”

Ringing in the New Year Short and Sweet-like With Gomorrah

December 31, 2015

We’re pretty sure you want to spend your time today hanging with family and friends, stocking up on all sorts of imbibables or preparing for a raging night out on the town, so in the interest of all that, we’ll keep today’s introduction to Kelowna, British Columbia’s Gomorrah short and sweet.

Can’t Wait for the Dog Days of Summer? Here are the Dog Days of Switzerland

December 16, 2015

In the grand tradition of Karma to Burn, QotSA and taking the re-bar solidness of the Swiss rock/metal scene as irreverent artistic influence comes instrumental/power/stoner trio, Dog Days. 

Finland’s Re-Armed Look Back on its Recent Tour of China

December 3, 2015

Metal has a vast expanse of space that it calls its popularity continuum, and I, admittedly, have no idea where Finland’s Re-Armed would be located along this stretch of real estate. However, the band  recently returned from a three-week tour of China. We quiz vocalist Jouni Matilainen and bassist Juhana ‘Bobo’ Heinonen about their latest adventure.

Sacrifice – “Forward to Termination”

November 24, 2015

The story of the emergent popularity of Sacrifice’s second album, Forward to Termination, is a shining example of how media used to work and things “went viral” in the days before the internet gave power to trending tweets and twats.

Bonus Material: Vinny Appice Talks Our Ear Off About Holy Diver. We Laugh, Listen and Drool.

November 19, 2015

We spoke to Vinny Appice about life and those times for our latest special issue, the 100 Greatest Old-School Albums of All Time). The legendary sticksman was more than happy to regale us with stories about the good old days. What he gave us was not only gold, but more than what would have fit on the page allotted in the magazine. Thusly, we present the full interview.

Free Children of Earth: Album Stream and Track-By-Track Commentary

November 16, 2015

Washington, D.C.’s Free Children of Earth singer/guitarist/lyricist Jason Yawn has a lot on his mind and we wanted to not only stream his band’s new album, Terminal Stasis this week on the blog, but also give Yawn a forum to deliver a track-by-track explanation and analysis which, despite your opinion and position on the matters at hand, make for some excellent and thoughtful reading.

A Great(ish) Interview with Great Falls

November 9, 2015

Abrasive and prickly purveyors of violently noisy hardcore, Great Falls have a new album out entitled The Fever Shed. Hit the big orange arrow somewhere below and you can have it peel the paint off the walls of whatever asylum you’re presently rotting in.

Black Metal Brotherhood: The Deciblog Introduces Helleborus

November 5, 2015

I’ve always been interested in the dynamic of bands with siblings in the line-up. How those who shared so much of their entire lives come together creatively, the bond they have, how they work together, how things are managed when non-relatives are brought into the picture and so on and so forth. KEN Mode, Valkyrie, Gojira, Skeletonwitch, Obituary, Sepultura, Oasis, Heart…the list goes on and on. Now, you can add Colorado black metal entity, Helleborus to the list.

Stream This: Birds in Row/WAITC Split 10″

October 8, 2015

Sit back and enjoy a gorgeous, noisy hardcore pummelling from two bands.

Letting Go of the Reins: An Introduction to InTechnicolour

September 24, 2015

Where do old mathematicians go when they die? Fucked if I know, but according to brand spanking new British band, InTechnicolour, dudes who once (and in some cases, still do) ply their wares as part of that nation’s math/tech metal scene, will at some point find themselves taking a complete 180 degree creative turn when the fancy strikes.


September 10, 2015

A year or two ago, I did a ‘Black Label Debutante Ball’ profile on Poland’s EveryDayHate Records.  A couple weeks ago, a massive package of vinyl and CDs showed up at the house and I’ve decided to focus this week’s blog post on all the goodies emerging from EveryDayHate’s Krakow offices.

Throwing Frickin’ Bones on the Deciblog: Display of Decay

August 27, 2015

This morning, the Deciblog shines the unsigned band spotlight on Edmonton’s long-standing denizens of death metal, Display of Decay. 

Uncut and Uncensored: Publicist UK Interviewed

August 17, 2015

Here you are kids: the full, slightly abridged, version of the Publicist UK interview that appears in the Upfront section of the latest issue.

It’s Adolyne Overload Day! Interviews! Videos! Songs! Album Announcements!

August 6, 2015

For the majority of you, the name Adolyne may not ring a bell, but in Western Canada, the Saskatoon noise-niks are on the tips of more than a few tongues

Worldwide Obscenity and Extremity: An Interview with Obscene Extreme’s Curby

July 30, 2015

Since 1999, Miroslav “Curby” Urbanec has been putting on the Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech. Billed as a “freak friendly extreme music festival,” OE has faithfully and respectfully catered to the grind, crust, punk, hardcore and death metal hordes. We caught up with Curby to ask about trying to book obscenity and extremity for one part of the world from the other.

Lengthy and In-Depth, Just Like Their Songs: Minsk Interviewed

July 16, 2015

Peroria’s atmosph-sludge-tribal-psych-rock heroes and denizens of long form song structures, Minsk returned to active duty this last April with their fourth full-length, The Crash and the Draw. Christopher Bennett and Timothy Mead cover all bases thoroughly and definitively in the interview that follows. 

Slaughter – “Strappado”

July 7, 2015

Slaughter’s Strappado hits closer to home for this particular hack than any of our previous entries. That’s because Slaughter hailed from the Toronto suburb of Scarborough, home to a ridiculously disproportionate number of metalheads in the ’80s.

Take Off, Eh? Golers Full Album Stream and Tour Announcement

July 2, 2015

If you’re ever in Canada, say the name ‘Golers’ at any downtrodden watering hole and watch dudes fired up on discount cases of Old Vienna hold their brewski aloft in celebratory salute (after which you can guarantee you’ve just made a sketchy, greasy friend for life). On the other hand…

Streaming the Sonic Poison of Sonic Poison

June 18, 2015

While metal may be Decibel’s bread ‘n’ butter ‘n’ focus, there’s no doubt we love ourselves some hardcore punk. Especially when it’s super-pissed off and sounds like a pack of rabid wolves developed opposable thumbs, invented a time machine and set the coordinates for somewhere smack dab in the middle of the mid-80s NYC, D.C. and Boston scenes.