Video Premiere: Tibetan Sky Burial’s “Flesh Rot” Highlights Ritual and Decay in the Texas Hill Country

Initially a solo project of Austin, TX-native Rick Fernandes, Tibetan Sky Burial has blossomed from singular pursuit into a fully-fledged band with real live flesh-and-blood members (drummer Rom Gov, guitarist Shane Wallin, bassist Bryan Stevens) that performs live (and is planning to get back to doing so when the rest of the world gets back to doing so) and records and releases music for the metal-listening public to wrap their ears around.

Behold, the band’s introduction to the world: debut full-length, Lamenta, which was originally released back in October and is an album that bubbles over with influences taken from the worlds of scathing Christ-killing black metal, meticulously constructed dynamic post-metal with tendrils of thoughtfully considered prog bringing up the rear. It’s also an album that casts a carefully crafted conceptual net over the member’s personal experience with the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance). When asked about the topic and the thematic connection to the song “Flesh Rot,” the gorgeous and desolate video for which we are premiering below, Fernandes had this to say in explanation:

“Slowly, the rot within manifests into flesh. ‘Flesh Rot’ is about rotting away for so long on the inside that decay begins to manifest itself outwardly. I was in a severe depression for several years and carried the weight of it into every aspect of my life. Being stuck in a cycle of self deprecation stunted my own growth. I felt dead inside and dealt with [it] for a long while trying to start Tibetan Sky Burial. The first incarnation of the project fell apart right when we just started having rehearsals. I was just the main songwriter and guitarist at the time in 2017. After another couple years of searching, I found Bryan in a Facebook group post. We immediately bonded over ISIS, Oathbreaker, Cult of Luna, the Moth Gatherer and Numanorean. After several auditions for vocalists, we ultimately decided we knew what was best for the project and Bryan convinced me to growl not knowing if I could. A day after being fired from my job I stream rolled through the ‘Flesh Rot’ lyrics and knocked out all the synth parts in one take – high as balls. This music took three years to make, not knowing if it’d ever see the light of day. The haunting video, directed by Cléver Cardoso (Krisiun-Devoruing Faith), questions the nature of your own reality.”

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