EP Stream: Synastry Breaks it Down on Dividing the Double Helix

Beginning life in the mid-aughts, Montreal’s Snyastry originally offered up a couple of independent full-lengths and an EP that reportedly kicked up a big stink on the least nefarious of social media platforms, MySpace, before they folded in 2012. While it’s unclear how much of a reunion was planned before the world and people’s day-to-day lives were put on hold, or whether the quartet’s return to action was the result of COVID-induced boredom and a reminder that life is too short to not do what you love to do, but the band re-fired the generator last year to deliver an EP entitled Civilization’s Coma. Using Fear Factory’s mid-period Archetype and Transgression records as a starting point, Synastry cobbles in Slipknot’s stadium-floor death metal bounce, metalcore breakdowns and the sound of Lamb of God jousting with Meshuggah in the creation of their next chapter, an EP follow-up entitled Dividing the Double Helix which, probably comes as no surprise, you can stream below.

When we cornered the proud papas of Synastry about their return to active duty and their latest creation, they collectively replied by saying:

“We are very excited to be able to release this EP upon the world. It’s been a long, strange year for everyone and we thought it was time to unleash these songs for everyone’s listening enjoyment. We have been working hard on getting the stars to align with the work we have created and are looking to get back into everyone’s ears. The lyrical content is from an individual’s view out onto society and the responsibility of the individual to create a better world. Personal accountability is key to making life better and we are not looking at a vague concept here, but rather a universal truth that letting go of the mind chains we place on ourselves is the key to being better. This is the first of many more releases, and we are happy to be able to share it with the ever-growing metal family.”

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